As part of our commitment to the progression of the PDF standard, Datalogics is happy to announce our donation of an initial set of sample PDF 2.0 files to the PDF Association.

Now, we're excited to share them with you. 

Datalogics is providing access to these fully-formed PDF 2.0 sample files to showcase several important concepts and new PDF 2.0 constructs including:

• Files where the PDF data does not start at the beginning of the file
• A PDF 1.7 file that is incrementally updated to a PDF 2.0 file
• Simple text and vector art placement
• Simple image and calibrated color space usage
• Page-level output intent specification
• Black point specification in a graphic state dictionary
• Use of UTF-8 for strings in PDF strings

A few key things to note:

While PDF 2.0 is technically a different file format from PDF 1.7 standard, there is a strong emphasis on maintaining as much compatibility with PDF 1.7-aware systems as possible as the new PDF 2.0 standard is adopted. As a result, many PDF 2.0 files will function in PDF viewers that are not aware of PDF 2.0, albeit these PDF viewers will be unlikely to take advantage of the new features and capabilities of PDF 2.0.

This set of samples will be maintained by the PDF Association and are provided under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license.

We simply ask for your contact information so that we can answer any questions you may have about PDF 2.0 or the existing PDF 1.7 standards.

Complete the form to download the PDF 2.0 sample files